A brief summary of our achievements and ambitions to date:


The idea of reusable packaging as a service was born while travelling in Copenhagen. I was there for work and decided to make the most of my travel by staying at least for the weekend. In the 'URBAN HOUSE' hostel I made some new friends and we agreed to bike around the city the next day. They were - like myself - super passionate about sustainability, but inspired me with their zero waste lifestyle!

To prevent waste they were always equipped with a reusable food container, coffee cup and bamboo cuttlery. Not wanting to have the discomfort of carrying your own stuff (and normally not having a purse with me either), the idea came to offer reusable packaging as a service.



At the same time I was offered an opportunity abroad, but decided to first make the most out of life in Zürich as I had just moved here. Turning the offer down, I was committed to go for it and started building ORBIcup - a reusable coffee cup service with collectible designs and a gamification application. 

The idea resonated with friends whom had totally complimentary skills and hence a team was established! The first pitch at Viadukt was a fabulous experience, even though the reusable cup service couldn't charm the jury. We pivoted the concept to Omni to cover all kind of reusable packaging for food and applied for the Founder Institute accelerator program in Zürich.


Suddenly the world changed rapidly as COVID19 and the protective measures were taking control of our lifes. The thrill of being selected for the program quickly made room for doubt, but by embracing the virtual way of working the real founders were the ones that persisted.

What followed were probably the most intense weeks of my life. Week after week new deliverables, without breaks, specifically tuned to validate your idea, define markets, financial plans, growth strategies etc etc. All to get pushed out of your comfort zone. Achieving all of this, during a crisis and in combination with multiple project deliveries at my current full time job, truly make me feel that we can get (sh)it done. 



With the business plan in our pocket, the team is now focusing on building and testing a 'Minimum Viable Product'.

For the reusable food containers we are translating user requirements into new innovative prototypes - specifically designed for reuse in a service model ! Meanwhile the mobile application is being developed and the combination will be tested in tailored user experience set-ups.


Our next steps are to continue testing the market with mock-ups & use case studies so as to prepare ourselves for a pilot in 2021 to proof the economic viability.

Once this is proven we can expand our product line and grow geographically with the franchise model.

Doing all of that is an exciting adventure by itself! But if that pilot is proven to be succesfull, than there will be strong wind in the sails of our company 'Future Proof' on its way to a sustainable future for fresh food packaging :).