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Yearly 150,000,000 tons of single use packaging is produced worldwide of which 91 % ends up on landfills or in the environment - thereby wasting valuable resources and polluting our planet. We need a revolution in how we treat single-use-packaging.

Oregami provides reusable packaging as a service for take-away food that are cleaned in local ecosystems. Premium design enhances your experience of the product and - since reuse has such a low impact - you are creating local jobs instead of polluting our planet !



The reusable food containers are made out of premium materials and are designed to keep the food at its most optimal conditions. Designed to create a more enjoyable consumption experience!


The mobile application enables automated registration of items with consumers and the use of a flexible policy. No need to worry about deposits as long as you return the containers back in time.

Moreover, the mobile application tracks your impact and rewards you for your contribution to the environment!


The reuse system lends itself for takeaway, on the go consumption and home delivery. The return is made easy by offering collection points at retailers and city hotspots next to already participating restaurants.

Cleaning is performed by service providers with unutilized cleaning capacity. This is done locally and makes it convenient for participating restaurants.



Our business model asks a fee per use to restaurant owners and fresh food providers. This service model is fully circular : It is in our interest that the containers last as long as possible and thereby have lowest environmental impact !


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